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I'm 7 mos pregnant, and it's been a 3 ish mos since ds last nursed. He stopped nursing completely when colostrum came in-- no interest. Nursing was becoming very painful, and at a lot of people urging, I stopped offering. Since he was so young when I got pregnant (7 months), we supplemented, and now he gets 4-5 bottles every day.<br><br><br>
today I was getting dressed, and trying to drag him away from something in the bathroom, and he made a grab for my breast. I was suprised that he latched on, but at the second attempt, he bit me!<br><br>
I'm not sure I want to start nursing during pregnancy, but would like to start nursing after my milk comes in with #2. Is it possible to 'teach' him to latch again? Or should I just pump? Anywhere to get more information on this?<br><br>
Also, does anyone have any opinions on re introducing the breast at this late age? I strongly feel, and my husband agrees, that ds weaned too soon. That being said, my husband seems more comfortable with pumping and bottle feeding, instead of nursing. He says that that most important thing is that he's getting the nutrition from the milk. But truth be told, I very much miss the closeness that we had and the ease of breastfeeding. I pumped for months (wohm), but am thinking of sah, and boy would it be nice not to have to deal with that pump! As this pregnancy goes on, I feel like I've moved further and further away from my son, and this is one of the ways that we used to be so close.<br><br>
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