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How to retire your stash w/ dignity?

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i have some wool covers that are on it's last legs...buttons popping off etc. They are my fave, but are getting to the point that i can't really use them anymore because i dont know how to fix buttons.

my questions is what do you all do with your covers and dipes when they just aren't serviceable anymore? i don't think i could just toss them and i dont know of any recycling programs.

so mamas...what do you all do w/ your stash that is not is sellable or tradeable condition? how can i retire my hard working wool with dignity?
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What about re-using it as a different item - for instance turning your wool covers into wool liners, or cutting diapers that have lost elastic/snaps/etc into nice absorbant doublers?
Yeah, what she said.

Pf's are a no brainer-they make great cleaning rags and the premie and infants make nice big ppd pads. I actually needed premie pf's for my bb's this time around.
There are bunches of other uses for pf's that I won't bore you with.

Wool, again, booster doublers for diapering or nursing pads for mama or cut it up for art projects, especially like when you'd use felt. If you have enough wool, maybe you could make a wool patchwork changing pad.

Diapers-soaker parts make nice mama pads (depending on fabrics), and the body of the dipe can make nursing pads. If you get enough dipes together, you can take parts from them and piecework the good parts of each together to make frankendiapers. Oh, and shot pul stuff makes great swim diapers.

Have fun with it. I bet you can come up with something you need out of that wool!
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Hey Jackie! How you doing mama!!!

If you need snaps put on anything, you can send it to me. I can put some on for you. Or, like has been mentioned, you can cut the wool and make liners to put into newer wool covers.
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Great ideas....
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...wool wet bag...eta: wrap a bar of soap in wool for your pins for your pf's and flats.
I use my old wool for many of the above uses, then when they are beyond all use, I put then in the bottom of my hanging baskets to absorb extra water and reduce watering. Its a flower covered grave for much loved wool :LOL
thx mamas! great ideas! i love the plant one...i am not too crafty, but i do have lots of plants. i would never have thought of that!!

hi donna! thanks for the offer...these are the same ones from before, so i am not sure they can be revived anymore. i actually still use them, missing buttons and all... i will look at them again and see if i want to bother you one last time
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