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How to Start a Bix While Working FT

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Has anyone here successfully done the above?

I started a business last year that was doing well when I opted to close it down to take a FT job. It may seem crazy that I did that, but I realized that the kind of business was not quite for me.

The entrepreneurial spirit still lives on in me, and now I want to give a business another go.

I have a different idea that I think would work better. I have a niche and know how to contact that niche and am very familiar with their problems, so I think I can do a good job of addressing them and helping them.

My main question is what advice do you have on how to start a biz while working FT? I've read a lot about starting businesses and rarely, if ever, hear about how people started a biz on the side while holding down a FT job and being a good mama.

I welcome your tips and advice!
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