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How to start an AP playgroup?

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I live in a teeny, tiny rural town but I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, there are some other AP'ers in my town that I just haven't met b/c they never leave the house either. :LOL I tried a playgroup at a neighbor's house but stopped going after the constant, nasty comments about BFing, cosleeping, cloth diapers, discipline, etc. I want to post some fliers around town, but I'm not sure how to word it so that I get responses from AP people. I'm thinking about having a headline that says "AP Playgroup Forming" and putting something below that like, "Do you practice gentle discipline, cosleeping, extended nursing, cloth diapering, and other aspects of Attachment Parenting and Natural Family Living? I am trying to form a playgroup of like-minded mamas. Please email me at...."

I'm sure this sounds like a silly question, but there isn't an API chapter w/in 100 miles of me, so I'm winging this on my own. I have also posted in Finding Your Tribe, but that forum doesn't get many views. I also attend LLL, but the closest meeting is a 30 minute drive for me. We're really out in the boonies. :LOL
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Can you start an API group yourself? Maybe there are other parents in the area who don't know you exist, but they would if you were listed in the API directory. You could also put notices up on the bulletin boards of your local grocery store and other business. Esp. if you have any natural or whole food stores in your area.
I had hoped to avoid all the work involved w/ starting a new group/chapter, but you're right--that may be my best bet. But, as for the local natural foods, do the Amish count? :LOL Although I guess if I drive 45 minutes to the HFS, maybe other people do, too.... I guess I have a lot to figure out. Thanks for your insight!
You need to check out the Finding you Tribes board here and post a thread looking for other mamas in your area. And if no one responds, keep bumping the thread. Almost a year ago, a mama in the area took the initiative to find all the mamas on MDC who had posted looking for people in the area and we all met at a park. For a while, there were usually just two or three of us. Now there are, I think, 16 total on our email list. We just send out a group email saying where we'll be at (park, house, museum) and what day and time and then at least three other mamas will show up. It's been wonderful. My kids have made so many friends! And it's great not to have to defend our parenting beliefs.
I'm sure you already do this, but keep your eyes open at all the places in town for people with cloth diapers or who are nursing. We've built our playgroup a bit by inviting people we run into to join us. I hope you have success. We are about to move pretty far out, too. You could also attend the LLL and playgroups in a more distant place, and see if any of the folks live out your way.
Thanks, be11dancer and I Fly! I do keep checking Finding Your Tribe, and I've searched for every town and county w/in an hour of me. I didn't have any luck, so I started a thread of my own, and I'll keep bumping it. I do try to keep an eye out for others using CD's or nursing, but like I said, we really live "way out there." There aren't a lot of young families in our town, and those that are here are mostly two-income families, so I wouldn't see the moms or kids during the day. Also, this is VERY MUCH a pro-spanking, CIO, bottle propping kind of town...

But I will continue to search!!!!
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Oh, and one more thing I did that resulted in several responses was putting something bright and colorful in my MDC siggie that said "Do you live in XYZ county? Join us for an AP Playgroup! PM me!" That was helpful. And then, just post in lots of different boards so lots of people see your bright, pretty siggie! Good luck!
Another idea - when you post in your tribal area, put all kinds of identifiers in your title.

Example: "AP group starting in Purple City - Yellow County - Northeast Wisconsin"

That way you have a greater chance of people finding you because when they do a search, they may search by city, or county, or whatever. KWIM? Best wishes - I'm sure with some persistence, you'll find other like-minded folks.
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I feel your pain.We are a little closer to a"town" then you are though. There is a one stop light town 3 miles from us, but the closest town of size is 30 minutes away. I would paster the town with flyers about a playgroup. I had a very hard time fitting like minded mamas here, and there actaully was a mom's group full of them, it was very hard to find, it took me a year and a half to find them!
They never put up notices, just word of mouth, and when you don't know anyone to tell you about it. The FYT board just doesn't work for some areas, thee are only a couple mamas in my area who post, and the majority of them are an hour away, I already drive enough as it is. Leave word with the LLL leader who is 30 minutes away, she can be a great resource to refer people to you, also maybe midwives if there are any around. If people are a bit farther away, maybe you can take turning driving to each other's houses. We do that, several of us moms in the tiny town get together regularly, and then I also have mama friends in the 2 larger towns 30 minutes away, som,etimes they come out to my house, but most of the time I go to their's just so I can hit the HF stores.
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