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<p>Hi ladies, I've been at home for a little over 3 yrs with my son and now sons... but recently seen that we need some financial help.  I'm not looking to be gunho about this, but even an occasional drop in the bucket would be helpful.  I'm looking at these venues: selling books (whatever I can find, selling some online and some to bookstores), selling china (I have 2 sets that I'm willing to part with but also looking to acquire sets and re-sell higher) and freelance resume writing.  I may do best with the resume writing service, as I have a college degree in Human resources and have written quite a few. </p>
Does anyone know anything about these venues?  I'm not quite sure how to start.  I've been seeking "free" books to start selling but they are VERY hard to find!  thoughts?</p>
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