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How to stay sane with new provider

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Another Kaiser patient here. And I've actually gotten pretty good care with them.

So....yes, what you have said is their basic protocol....3 losses in the first trimester before you are considered high risk. Yes, it is crazy. But I don't think they are the only providers to have this protocol. I have a friend who is going through the same thing with her OB. I guess, statisitcally, anything under 3 losses is considered a flook, or "just bad luck". Of course, that doesn't help you.

I'm in a different sort of boat in that yes, I've had 3 documented losses, but 2 were 2nd trimester, so that changes things a bit. They didn't do any testing on me after my first 2nd trimester loss. THey did tests on the baby but they came back "normal". So, because progesterone and that kind of stuff doesn't apply to 2nd trimester losses they treated me the same. AFTER I lost another baby in the 2nd trimester they then did every test known to man on me and they tested the baby again. Again, everything came back relatively normal. One test was off, but it shouldn't have caused fetal demise. We then did genetics testing on both myself and my dh, and it came back fine. So? What am I doing differently? I went in like everyone else at 8 weeks and had the dating u/s and stuff. And then I'm continuing my care with a Peri starting on Feb. 24th...I'll be around 12 weeks then. Basically she'll monitor me closely with u/s and try to ease my fears as really there isn't anything they can do until viability. Ya know?

In your case...was it determined that you had low progesterone and that was the cause of your miscarriages? If so, yes...demand the progesterone. Betas? Well, they can't tell you everything. Betas not doubling doesn't equal a bad outcome and Betas doubling doesn't equal a good outcome. Do you want to know if things are not right with your betas? Then insist on them. But, they will probably argue that if the betas come back "not good" there isn't anything they can do about it to help it get better. Kaiser tends to not want to do things when it won't help the outcome. I don't think any of things you are wanting are considered "Way out there", and I would question them on WHY they won't do them in your circumstances.

Try and remain calm....breathe... and state your case the best way you can. Tell them that you want to do EVERYTHING you can to insure that this baby makes it to term and that you would like their support in doing so. can be so hard.
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Well, I'm glad that the OB called you and is not standing in your way of getting the tests you want and need
The team at the office I go to has been really great this time with me. One of the CNMW even said that if I was feeling like I was gonna go over the edge and I'd like to "peek" at the baby, to give her a call and we could look while she ate

I get you on not trusting your body....I'm not throwing up every 2 seconds like I was 2 days ago so I'm getting paranoid. But I have to just chill... lol. I have an appt. with my Peri in 2 weeks ( and I would discuss with the OB on possibly you seeing a Peri for your care) and I'm worried that it'll be bad news.

And honey...from my experience, all loss is hard, regardless of when it happens. Physically there is more to a later loss... but it's all still hard no matter the time.

Please update when you can and perhaps join the PAL thread....lots of mommas there understand where you are at emotionally there.
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That's great the OB called you back! Sounds like you know what you want and that helps. I think anything that reduces your stress and makes you feel like you are doing something productive to getting baby here is good. Anxiety will really eat you up inside and if you can keep it at bay with a few blood tests then go for it. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
Just to let you know my experience with Kaiser... unless you have a relationship with the Nurse or the NP, don't bother asking for special treatment. Go directly to the doctor. I've never had a real problem with getting what I want out of the doctors prenatally (in labor is another issue entirely), but the nurses and NPs - no way. They have a script to follow and they follow it, any deviation creates a HUGE hassle.
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