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Would like to know if there are any mothers who have newborns with them and at the same time are juggling with their studies.

I am planning to go to work when my baby becomes 6 months old, she is 1 week short of 3 months now. I am 34 this year and I have decided a year back ( while carrying her ) that my passion would be to go into programming and subsequently making it my career. I have always been on the IT support side and while I was pregnant with her, I was coping with my programming ( going through courses online ). It was really fun that I managed to study and did not have any morning sickness that would have hindered me from studying. I was at home and unemployed at that time.

The thing is, my baby is now nearly 3 months and her sleeping timing varies, I am the kinda person who prefers to study at nights and many people have been telling me that I should keep lights dimmed so that she can have proper sleep. I want the best for her but can't I at least keep the lights on for 2 hours after she sleeps.

The other thing is that I do not seem to get enough sleep and that makes me cranky. I have help here as I am staying with my mother, but still I feel like my sleep is never enough these days, I used to have bad sleeping issues(I was not able to sleep till 5.30 am morning when I was pregnant).

I desperately want to enter the programming line, it's a job that I would love to do and at the same time provide me the flexibility of working from home which would be the best for my baby/babies in the future. So, I have to get all these in place, I should be really good in my programming so that I can land myself in a good job that provides the flexibility.

How are you all managing if you are a student and you have to study after delivering a newborn?
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