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So, for the past month I have been so sick with asthma that I can't function. I've tried various treatments my ND gave me (herbal, homeopathic and supplements) with little result. At least not when I'm home--when staying at my parents house, they were helping me feel better. So the cause is most likely something unique to our house (and our city which is notorious for its allergy/asthma rates) but we have allergy-proofed up the wazoo and I am still sick. I need to breath and I need to sleep. So I made the decision today to go the allergist for steroids (I've already been using my emergency inhaler a lot as well). In addition to helping me breath, I know what steroids do to my body--cause yeast over growth and nutrient/vitamin depletion. What can I do while i"m on these to lesson these side effects? how can I build up my body so I don't come out of this worse off and set myself up for more sickness in the future. (Is that even possible?) Any ideas?
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