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Why do I suddenly insomnia after pregnancy?

Are you surprised at suddenly insomnia during pregnancy? Discomfort? Frequent urination? Leg cramps? Or feel anxious about delivery? After pregnancy, you have to meet so much physical and emotional problems, so this is why that 78% of the pregnant women have some problems about insomnia and sleep during pregnancy. Some people believe that pregnancy is a natural because insomnia may be a way to allow you to prepare well in advance. In order to take care of your baby, you will sleep loss.

How can I handle it?

First, don't stare at the table when you have insomnia during pregnancy, because you will become more and more anxious as time passed. It just made the situation worse. Instead, relax on the bed, take a warm bath, or drink a hot milk.

You make sure the appropriate room temperature before bed. Ensure that your room is enough dark and quie. Using heavy or dark curtains helps shield unwanted light and noise. If you don't like to go to sleep after half an hour, get up and go to another room and see a magazine or listen to music, until you feel sleepy, go back to sleep.

In short, don't worry about insomnia. If you think that you have a serious sleep problem, you should go to the hospital. However, don't forget to mention yourself, insomnia may upset you, but insomnia is normal during pregnancy. :grin:
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