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How to use GSE?

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So I've been using GSE for DS's thrush, but I'd also like to use it to disinfect his toys and stuff. What strength do I need for this? I can't find any info....
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Well, I just bought some GSE *lurkers, GSE=grapefruit seed extract* for disinfectant purposes and here's the website with dilution recipes, etc: GSE.

BUT yesterday, I found this site: the rest of the GSE story...

Which lead to me finding this article: more negative info on GSE

So bottom line is I'm still using it as a disinfectant, but I'm rethinking internal uses.
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THANK YOU!! I only used it in DS's mouth twice and won't do it again. I felt uncomfortable using somehting I knew so little about. In the future I will trust those instincts!
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