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How/What do your two year olds play?

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I'm nosey. I'm wondering how and what your two year olds play!? My ds has NEVER wanted to play alone, not once that I can think of. So, yah, he wears me out! His favorite toys are his horses (hand-me-down briar horses from my sister and I! w/ his fisher price barn set up) or trucks (any truck all trucks... anything that MAY be a truck! LOL). He also LOVES to pretend. Last night he was pretending to be a seal and would jump from the ottoman to the carpet after fish... lol. He also likes to be "a dog" (or OUR dog, to be exact) and wants to all-4-it around the house panting and scratching at us!
Last night he was pretending to be his friend, Joshua, and was whining at me and saying the things joshua says!!

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Ds loves to watercolor paint, clay, color, draw, blocks, dig in the dirt with his shovel, candyland & memory games (he matches them up in his own way) :LOL cooking in a little kitchen we have set up for him with lots of hand me down from our kitchen items and food containers we save. he spends a lot of time "preparing" food for a picnic and then we join him to "eat". Trains, cars and trucks keep his attention for long periods of time. He also loves music and he will dance and play lots of instruments we have made/collected for him.
Ds is 22 months and does not play alone either. He plays near me but somewhat independantly for about 8 mins. sometimes. He plays trucks/tractors/airplane/trains and sometimes he pretends they are cooking/sleeping, etc. in his fp dollhouse. He plays stuffed animals (in his doll stoller, or pushing them around in his truck), he plays trucks in his sandbox, he'll do music with someone else, he pretends to vaccuum, he likes playdough and painting, plays with balls, chases his brother, tent under blankets, but as you can see, mostly vehicles. His big bro and dad are not into cars so this is kiinda mysterious to us. Sometimes he lays on the floor and pushes a car back and forth in front of his face, back and forth, just mesmerized by the wheels.
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Lindy plays alone some, but not a lot. She's fascinated by any kind of string or rope, and spends a fair amount of time making loops of string and wrapping them around things, then maybe using the loops for lifting or dragging. She plays with balloons, especially the strings of helium balloons. Outside, she will often entertain herself for quite a while digging, picking flowers, playing with sticks or stones, etc. The other day over at my sister's house, she was getting a little dirt on her shovel, then going to find a chicken and flinging the dirt at the chicken (just a little dirt, and mostly she didn't get close enough to the chickens to actually get the dirt on them.)

She loves to play pretend games (and usually insists that one of us participate.) The most popular one lately is fishing. We throw a string into the "water," wait for a tug on the line, then pull out a fish, cook it, and eat it. Last night, I showed her how we could use a blanket as a net and catch shrimp. (Then she wanted to know what shrimp looked like, so I found her some pictures on the web.) Today when Lindy and DP were outside, she said she was "the man" and he was "the woman" and she spent a long time peeling off pieces of grass blades and handing them to him. (No idea where that one came from.
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dd loves to push anything that rolls: a stroller, a bicycle, a truck, anything with weels!

She likes to play in the sand

She likes to play pretend (with dolls, fake food,...)

She likes to do whatever her big sister is doing...
DS loves
sand, water play
trucks, trains, airplanes, cars
blocks for abstract building and for using as props for above
toy garage
doll house
kitchen play
pretend play: fishing, firefighter (nothing cuter than a naked 2 year old in a firefighter hat, running around with a vacuum hose yelling whoooo whoooo, where's the fire)
large floor puzzles, memory matching games
record player that plays 45s & used to spin vehicles
art stuff (playdough and painting)
large lego blocks
pushing stroller and grocery cart with baby

mostly though, he is really into pretend play, individually and also with us "You be. . . ." is a command we often hear.
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