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How will he ever nap when I go back to work?

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I am scheduled to return to work two days per week in about two months time. DS will be one year old when I go back. He currently takes a morning and an afternoon nap and is nursed to sleep on my bed for both of them. I think I'll probably be hiring a nanny to care for him in my home for the two days but I can't imagine how she will get him to take naps. The only way he goes to sleep for DH is if he takes DS out for a walk in the stroller which usually works but obviously this isn't a good solution for every nap. I'd like if he slept in his crib for a nanny so I knew he was safe but that seems highly unlikely. Also, he won't take a bottle, which is another problem entirely, but for the purpose of this thread, it means he can't be settled to sleep with EBM in a bottle. What can I do to prepare?
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I started back to work when dd was 5 months. She was with dh for a year, and then started daycare 3x a week at 14 months.

Several things came of this:
1. She never took much in a bottle. She reverse cycled. She still managed to be in the 90th percentile for weight!

2. She learned at daycare to fall asleep with a teacher patting her back.

3. When I was at home (the 1 day a week I was home and weekends), dd nursed to sleep.

She had no trouble with the different routines in different places/with different people. I haven't a clue as to how dh got her to sleep, but he did.

Trust that your son can learn.
Lynn is right. Your DS will not expect the breast for his naps because he knows you're not there. There is a learning curve for us all when these changes happen but he will be fine!
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