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I generally know I want to do a sidecar cosleeping arrangement with my baby due in August, but I'm hazy on the crucial details.

First, what sidecar baby sleepers are best? If we decide to move our bed to the floor, would it be possible to lower the sidecar sleeper as well? I don't quite understand how sidecar sleepers are safe, given that there would be that space in between sleeper and bed, and apparently babies have a strange ability to dangerously wedge themselves into such spaces, if I understand correctly.

An important detail is that I am prone to reflux even when my health is doing pretty well, so I have a bunch of pillows, which I often use to sleep semi-seated. (A gentle incline is not enough.) It seems like when using a sidecar, baby would sometimes end up sleeping in the bed itself after sleepy night nursing, is that true? Are there any general safety considerations there? Any moms with reflux or similar issues? I have considered that switching to one of those pillows shaped like a chair back might be more safe for baby.

Meanwhile, our mattress is a queen size natural latex. I think we ordered 'hard,' but it's not that hard of course. It's old enough that buying a new (king?) mattress isn't out of the question, but it is still a really really comfy mattress so we're not jumping to do that, plus a benefit of an old mattress is no off-gassing. It may also be worth mentioning that my DH, though only slightly overweight, has sleep apnea.
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