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How Worried Should I Be? (x-post Health & Healing)

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Waiting to hear back from the Ped as well but wanted to post here too. Had DS (8.5 months) in bath this morning (baby tub - blue whale one). Could tell he was trying to poop so I stood up to get him a towel - on other side of bathroom and my back was too him. DD (4.5) was in room and said he fell but he's ok - he was trying to sit up (the baby bathtub seat is reclined) and slipped down. So for a second or two he was slipped down (not at all underwater though) and his nose and mouth were near the water which had a bit of his poop in it. Not sure if he got any in his mouth but assuming he probably did. Though probably not too much since he wasn't coughing or sputtering or anything.

How concerned should I be? Do I need to do anything? I'm totally freaking out and feeling horrible right now...
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If there is a problem, which I doubt there will be, he'll get a fever.

Give him yogurt and vitamin C to help fight any little buggies, but don't freak out too much kids have eaten poop and been totally fine and you'd already know if the water went into his lungs.
OK thanks. So if he DID get a fever what would happen then? It was his naptime shortly after this happened and he fell asleep fine and has been sleeping peacefully (but upright in stroller parked in my bedroom since I was nervous) for a little over half hour now.

Will load him up on Vit C and was planning to give him some yogurt for lunch today.
Something tells me that he is not the first child to ingest his own poo. I'm sure plenty of toddlers have done this NOT accidentally and are fine.

Plus, the bath water could have diluted it some right? And he wouldn't have had time to get much in while your back was turned, nor would there be as much poop near his face as under him.

Checking with the ped is a good idea, but I really wouldn't worry. He'll let you know if he doesn't feel well or if something's wrong. Just keep a close eye on him for the next few days.
Well let's think here! Let's take it back to a birth situation for a minute, keeping in mind that infants to automatically hold their breaths underwater in this situation anyway - which is why babies are such darn good swimmers:

You're giving birth in a birth pool. Babe comes out, along with amniotic fluid, blood, and sometimes meconium. So, baby is underwater with blood, water and meconium. You lift baby out, turn baby more upside-down to remove stuff from lungs and then give babe a cuddle. No harm done for the most part, right?

I think your little one will be fine. It's okay mama, nobody does EVERYTHING right all the time! So next time, be sure to have a towel handy for any pooing incidents - it's all a lesson!
I'm sure he'll be absolutely fine mama, don't worry. And yeah I'm with the PP who mentioned toddlers NOT accidentally eating poo...or wiping it on walls...or themselves...or making it into the shape of a dinosaur and bringing it to you saying "look mami, I made a present for you!"
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sorry I didn't have a chance to check back before this. The vitamin c and yogurt was more to make you feel better than out of any concern than your LO would be anything other than a-okay.

I trust he's done fine and I hope you've been able to relax and feel confident that he's fine.

If he had developed a fever, you'd handle it like any fever, and mention his exposure to the poop in the water if it became necessary to take him in to the doctor. Just as you'd mention him seeing a kid with a runny nose or being held by an aunt with a sore throat.
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DD1 was 8 months old and she grabbed a hand FULL of her poop when I was changing her (sleepy in the middle of the night- so not the best reflexes) and ate it.... IT WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING thing I have ever seen. She was fine
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