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How would you describe these diapers ?

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I am trying to prune my stash of medium-ish sized diapers down right now.

I have several "Hapi Napi" diapers, some two-sized "Babykins", and a few others that I can't think of the names of, or the tags are too worn to tell.

The Babykins have no leg elastic in them at all, and the leg elastic is mostly gone in the HapiNapi's.

Some have some light baby staining, others have some rust staining from my IL's water (well water). They have all been strip-washed, and come from a smoke-free home (we do have cats though)

We have gotten a LOT of use out of both styles, but my son can undo them in a heartbeat now (they are both velcro fitteds), and I have other similar sized diapers that we prefer (mostly Indisposables).

So - if I were to put these on TP - CHEAP - what kind of condition would I say for them ? What other things should I look for to say about them ? Other than staining and elastic that is ?

These were wonderful beginer diapers for us - really got me hooked on cloth diapers for sure.
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Just be honest and say that you aren't sure if they are what most would call 'good condition' because of the reasons you mentioned but that they are perfectly functional, easy to use, and have lots of life left for someone who could really appreciate/need some cheap yet functional diapers.
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