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Howard Co. homebirthers

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I delivered with Esposito, Hogan and Mayer's midwife practice in 2002. I know they only do hospital deliveries. I'm pretty much 100% sure no homebirthing midwife has any priveleges at Howard Co. General. Carroll County General and Frederick Memorial Hospital are the same.

Its a bit of a drive but have you thought about the birthing center in Bethesda? I think the midwives there do homebirths. I would love to use them but I'm in Carroll County and its just too far for me.
The ONLY homebirth midwife in our area with hospital priviledges is Evelyn who can do a birth for you at Maryland General (considered to be an icky hospital).

What other women do who want prenatal tests for their homebirth is to do shadow care...establish yourself with a hospital based practice and get what you need but don't birth with them.

Barbara Stratton
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Originally Posted by riotkrrn
I'm interested in hearing from mamas who have had or are planning a midwife assisted homebirth in Howard Co. Who did you choose for a midwife? How far did you have to drive for office visits? Did your midwife have priveleges at Howard Co. General? If you did the AFP and 18 week u/s, where did you go for them? Did your insurance cover any or all of your midwife's bill?

I really want a homebirth with my next, but am not wild about the slight possibility that I'd have to deliver at Howard Co. General. Due to mine and my daughters' medical histories, I want the option of certain prenatal tests.

Thanks for any information you can share with me!
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Originally Posted by riotkrrn
Thanks Debi! How cool would it be if we end up in the same due date club

That would totally rock!!!

So long as we don't have our kids on the same date if we're using the same midwife!

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