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I never introduced myself (mostly because I found this section just today)!

My name is Amanda. My DH is an ethnodoxologist (kinda like an anthropologist who focuses on how different peoples do or don't use their native music and culture in religous worship) doing the feild work for his Master's degree. He's celiac, I'm vegetarian, we're tree huggers at heart living in South Asia...ACK!!!!!!!! If you've ever been there you'd understand.

Anyhow, we're origionally from Northern NY (potsdam anyone?) and are hoping to return unless DH gets a job here. Love to meet folks from back home!

See you around the boards,

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hi Amanda and welcome to MDC.
i like your name....anyway, where in S.Asia you're from?

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Welcome to MDC! Check out the Finding Your Tribe forum to see if there are any other MDC posters in your neck of the woods!
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w e l c o m e !
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In response to your siggy why dont you private message USAmma, the moderater here, her dh is from India and she has spent quite a bit of time over there
She might be able to help
ALso look in the Finding Your Tribe, Tribal Areas and see if you can find other mamas from India
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Hello Amands!

Nice to meet you. Come and visit us in the Vaccine Forum and see what's going on there.

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Welcome to MDC!
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