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I have WAY too much yarn! So I want to sell the following:
All of the following is the Handspun Bulky Wool
1 full sk Dark Olive $5 (very dark olive green) *pending*
1 full sk Dusty Rose $5 (just like ti sounds lol) *pending*
1 full sk Carqueja $5 (I would call this olive green or maybe army green?) *pending*

about 3/4 sk (more than) Cadmium (this one looks small because I swifted it really tight because it was curly) $3 (bright yellow)
about 3/4 sk (more than) Mandarina (BRIGHT orange)
1 sk minus about 10 ft Carmine $4 (fuschia)
2 x 1/4 sk Variegated Purples $3 for both (reminds me of grape juice!) *gone*

Make me an offer on all of it! :LOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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