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*huff puff huff puff*

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Running out of room in there..

Starting to get short of breath. Last night DH and I DTD and the position was one that it pushed my uterus up against my diaphram so I couldn't really breathe, it was like squishing out a bellows...

Now that even walking up the stairs winds me...


I think I might try some spinning babies to move the critter LOWER so I dont get squished as much...I'm not a very tall person, I have a very very short waist, so everything that wants to go UP squishes badly...

*ETA DH put it in the girl child's head that we're going to the playground. HAH I can hardly climb the stairs without getting winded, let alone follow a rambunctious 3 year old around a playground, and all that it entails..OY! He's mad!!! I have to find the energy to clean this place somehow!!! Oh nesting urge...any time now!*
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I'm doing the same thing. I can't breathe. And my nose is acting wierd so even when I feel like I have enough room to breathe my nose acts clogged and dry and doesn't make it very comfortable. I need to pull out the humidifier but don't feel like cleaning it. And bending over is getting worse! The thing is I feel like my baby is low enough I feel it kicking my cervix all the time and putting lots of pressure on my bladder. Especially if the baby doesn't like the pants I am wearing!

I've been breathless since May...I was doing better last month, and now it's back again. But I've heard that this is very common, as is the clogged nose (I've also had some nosebleeds).

Oh, the fun!
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