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I've got to clean out my li'l two bedroom house - it's wayyy overcrowded lol...<br>
I can get pics of anything you're interested in that's not already pictured. Please email me for the link to the entire pic page since it's on my site and I can't post it here. If you see something on the page you like, but not in this list, EMAIL me since I may have it still FS...<br>
Please EMAIL at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> if interested, since I'm not getting PM notifications and forget to ck it! I can accept paypal (cc is ok) or MO's. I will accept a ck if we've had a prior transaction. I can provide feedback at ebay and Amity's if needed. Shipping/ins is extra, but I'll make a deal if you purchase a bunch!<br><br>
Fabric for sale:<br>
27X34" blue swirly background with multicolored stars $2<br>
1.5+yds turquoise bkgrd pooh woven $4<br>
2yds bob the builder woven (blue ck'ed background) $6<br>
2yds PRR cotton shirting - blue/green/yellow plaid on white bkgrd $8<br>
3/4 + 1/2 yd pooh w/blue bkgrd flannel $2.50<br>
3/4yd+ green/white plaid w/ rabbits and chicks woven $2.50<br><a href="" target="_blank">wovens fs</a><br><br>
2 spools YLI jeanstitch, pale yellow $6(both- retail for $3+ each)<br><br>
not pictured yet:<br>
2yds of carter's "it's spring" knit bought from coop $10<br><br><br>
2+yds pale orange interlock -brighter than a canteloupe $9<br>
2yds minus a blanket cutout (L shaped measures 60x13 on one side and 63x30 on the other) butter yellow sweatshirt fleece $4<br><a href="" target="_blank">Knits and Velours fs</a><br><br>
healthtex primary sea creatures interlock 1.25 yd $6<br>
28x52" + s in boxers dancing knit SOLD<br>
1yd 15" patchwork hearts knit $5<br>
1+yd raspberry/pink striped rib knit from 60/40 $3<br>
2yds ladybugs $7<br>
PRR CIRCUS SOLD<br><a href="" target="_blank">knits fs</a><br><br><br>
MM fleeces:<br>
200wt bright blue $7<br>
300wt bright pink (DWR?) $9<br>
1yd bubblegum pink 100wt single sided mm fleece $5<br><br><br>
diapers are all in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted w/ no stains or tears...<br>
i can accept any kind of paypal or MO's...shipping extra, ins recommended...<br><br>
Sz Small Bummis Whisper Pullon Cover Multi Stars on Royal ...cover was used one time $5<br><br>
Sz Med PDT diaper...sherpa outer, knit terry inner - super absorbant! side snaps $5<br><br>
Sz D Polar Babies cover, inuit print in exc cond w/ minor pilling on leg bindings $7<br><br>
sz med Cloth Baby Bold Diaper - Basic style (sewn in soaker), hemp soaker and lay in hemp/micro topped doubler...lime outer/fuschia inner w/ fuschia snaps, worn just a few times, exc cond $10<br><br>
sz small and sz med pdt aio's - chicks flying kites w/ lavendar mm micro inner - side snaps and in exc cond - piggy grew too fast and didn't get to wear but a few times $9/ea<br><br>
2 size large mollytogs (no longer made but a fantastic trim fitting/absorbant side snap) -<br>
1- limited edition rainbow tiedye hemp jersey fitted, few small wear holes in inner layer under the doubler(size of pencil eraser) - could be mended but i've not taken the time...snap in hemp doubler that matches, outer has one small wear hole near the top serging smaller than a pencil eraser (could be mended again) $7<br>
1- healthtex sea creatures print knit- red velour inner, matching fleece topped doubler...thin spots on underside (crotch) of outer print, but still beautiful...$7<br><br>
2 size medium mollytogs - one cherries w/ pink velour inner and the other green/white gingham w/ woodland animals w/ knit terry inner...both side snap, both have matching fleece topped doublers and are in great condition $6/ea<br><br>
2 medium lucys hope chest fitteds, one ladybugs on cream outer w/ white velour inner, one bunnies/flowers knit outer w/ white velour inner...both side snap w/ matching fleece great condition $6/ea BUNNIES KNIT FITTED SOLD<br><br>
2 large ME airflows, white in exc cond, whale print very faded and dingy/yellowed pul but still works great $8 for the white, $6 for the whale WHITE SOLD<br><br>
sz large ME rikki, whale print...print faded/yellowed pul, and binding worn - but works great still - very leakproof! $4<br><br>
sugar peas size 2 all hemp serged in lime $10<br>
sugar peas size medium snap in, all hemp, natural serging - used 3x's $10<br>
faux sugar peas hemp contour (i actually made this contour before getting my snap in and realized how similar they were when it arrived lol) $5<br><br>
large manyducks windpro aio - worn once, like new...wedgewood blue wp outer, white micro inner w/ handmade sherpa trifold $23(pd $28 new)<br><br>
large Honeyboy Wool jersey cover made by SmartiePants (jenilynn) - beautiful pink/burgandy/natural hand-dyed outer and inner burgandy jersey, never used (tried on and waaay too big)- would be great for pf's! $16(pd 18)<br><br><br>
Lot of Carter's Emu Butterfly/Kitty Clothing for 0-3mos (fits like 0-6 imo) - 2 sherpa ll/ls rompers w/ matching hats (purple one has the butterflies, pink one has kitties) pink one is brand new w/ tags...matching creeper w/ kitty and butterflies on it, and ll/ls romper that snaps up the front in the butterfly print...all in exc cond, minus faint staining at collar of the purple romper $18<br><br>
Cinch pack (backpack) by Cindy - periwinkle daisies batik outer, solid periwinkle batik inner...cute daisy beaded fringe at bottom...lots of pockets inside , in great condition $8<br><br><br>
ISO for trades:<br>
ivory wool jersey or flannel, hemp french terry, or PRR alphabet or red allover stripes from past seasons<br>
baby neptune, bach, or beethoven vhs videos<br>
large lambkin wool aplix covers in natural color (serging color doesn't matter)<br>
blank playsilks<br>
any how to knit book<br>
spiritual midwifery book<br>
gentle birth choices book<br>
eo's and fo's for cp soap (try me!)<br>
large newest style (pointy wings w/ leg casings and 8 snaps on bottom row) fuzzibunz in pastels in exc cond<br>

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bumping and please make offers, i've edited out what's sold/pending <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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my e-mail didn't go thru to you, but i pm'ed you about the SP's- i want them!
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