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I would *love* for this to go to one mama.<br><br>
Clothes from 6mos-size 3<br>
tops, dresses, sweaters, jeans, sweats, a few sleepers, snowsuit, dressy dress, mitts, socks, spring jacket....... (please mum, old navy, cherokee, ragscals, roots)<br>
fussy butt (one snap has been replaced)<br>
diaper cover<br>
bjm longies<br>
whatever else I can find!<br><br><br>
$175 (or make me an offer) plus shipping, please pm me with interest and I'll take pics and do descriptions. It's just too much unless someone wants it, lol.<br><br>
I am open to offers and (partial) trades too.<br>
My ISO:<br>
snap press<br>
2T summer girls, 3T fall winter girls<br>
100% wool yarn<br>
Mario Party 7 with mic<br>
Futurama volume one box set
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