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My mom is here visiting. We got up super early and got some SO WONDERFUL DEALS!

I got a night stand that goes with my bed PERFECTLY- with a drawer- exactly what I was looking for! $2
A accent table- white- distressed look- LOVE IT- 5$
A BEATIFUL MIRROR- ANTIQUE FRAME- Sage Green with 3 flowers- fit my taste to a T.... 8$- I almost did not get it- then got back out of the car- so happy I did.,

Some toys and 4 new videos for ds's birthday- 2$

Gift for friends b-day- .50


A queen size pillow top bed, box springs and frame- $30!!!!!
This morning ds kicked me out of bed. Whined until I got up!!! He had no room! In our small full size bed- ds is 2- dh is a big guy- and I am pg! I can not wait to go to bed tonight in my new EXTRA LARGE BED!! ( we are putting them together!
LOVE IT!!!!!
Just had to share- what did you find today!

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GREAT scores! Although if it were my yardsale and I saw a preggo mama who coslept in a full-size bed, I woulda just given you the queen bed!!

You know what I HATE about moving? I have to drive through town on a perfectly beautiful Saturday morning to do errands, and I'm not allowed to go to ONE yardsale! :LOL

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there's a neighborhood sale on this beachy-type section of town this weekend.

dh and I took dd and came home with:

2 pr maternity shorts
2 maternity shirts
maternity dress
hardback copy of the overspent american
sew/crochet/knit type book for babies (how to make stuff that is)
fleece coveralls for dd for next winter
2 dresses for dd
turtleneck for dd for next winter
1 pair of xc skis (I'm a BIG fan of skiing and have been wanting this kind of skis)
2 sweaters + 1 shirt for me


bongo drums for dd.
total spent $20

not *quite* as good as your finds, but the bongos are a big hit here.
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