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It could be that I completely misunderstood this woman, but...

The other day I was in the workroom getting ready for class when someone I work with asked me how DS was. I told her fine, but he's going through his first cold. We laughed a bit about runny noses and crabby babies and then she asked me "have you learned the mouth to mouth bit yet?" I thought she was talking about CPR and said yes. Then she said to me "yeah, you get snot all over your face but it really works." I thought "huh?" to myself, but had to get back to my classroom so I just left, not getting what she was talking about. But as I was walking back it hit me... I think she was talking about blowing into baby's mouth to get the snot out of the nose!!

So here's my question, was I misunderstanding her or do people really do that??
I would think that would be dangerous. I remember from CPR class a few years ago that you never blow air into someone who is breathing.
She has a grandson about the same age as DS, and it's really been bugging me. I want to ask her if I understood her right, but I barely know this woman.
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Ummm...I'll just stick to my nasal aspirator, thank you very much.

As a former EMT, I can tell you that blowing into a baby's mouth goes against everything I was ever taught.

And while sucking might work if you didn't have other methods, it sure sounds YUCKY! :puke

And breastmilk works for us, too. By that
*I* mean dd has been lucky enough not to have caught a cold yet, even though dh and I just got over one. Must be all those good antibodies she is getting,
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Maybe she meant "mouth to nose", but it didn't sound like it. Either way it seems either dangerous or just really gross. Obviously she's done this with her own kids, and will probably teach it to her daughter, but couldn't a baby get hurt doing that? Blowing into your baby's mouth just can't be a good thing. I just worry that she could hurt her grandson (or is it granddaughter? I can't remember.)

On the other topic....
I was SOOOO hoping that all those good breastmilk antibodies would keep DS healthy, but to no avail....I just hope he doesn't end up being a big sicko like me. I seem to catch every cold, cough and sore throat that goes around. (being a teacher doesn't help!) I just wish his little cold would clear up. He has been much happier the last few days. But that runny nose just won't go away. Is there anything else I can do for him, other than lots of snuggles, nummies and love?
I tried sucking out mucus from dd1's nose because I couldn't get anything out with the aspirator. I ended up sucking air from her mouth, but nothing came out. So I tried it over the mouth and nose, but still nothing and I was afraid to suck too hard. I'll have to try breastmilk--how do you get it up there? Just let it drip into the nostrils with the head back?
i've heard of this too and certainly wouldn't rule it out if dds were so congested that they couldn't breathe...BUT, i've had fine luck with breast milk squirted up their noses, the aspirator, and warm baths w/ eucalypus.
I learned that trick from my mom, who didn't have an aspirator for us as babies. When Josef got his first cold he was so stuffed up the aspirator wouldn't clear it and I'd never heard of squirting breastmilk up there, so I sucked it out. It worked great. My dh was totally in awe of me, but a little bit grossed out. At least he stopped crying and could nurse again for more than two or three sucks before having to let go to get some air. That one time has been the only time the aspirator didn't work. As well as they've both been really healthy.
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