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Hurts so much I want to cry

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dd nurses to sleep every night, often for a half hour or more and it's really hurting me! I just want to get up and walk away, but would never want her to cry or suffer.
I've tried getting her to fall asleep in the car, and it works, until the engine turns off.

Night time has become H*** on Earth!

I got a book "The No-cry Sleep Solution" which was full of helpful hints, but none seemed to really hit home for me with the whole pain thing. I've begun trying to give her a nighttime routine to get her prepared for bed and tired, but she's having none of it! She has even just gotten more riled up. So I take her out to be entertained by dh while I try to read my e-mail, and she's pissed as soon as I leave the room and throws another back to the bed again for another half hour session in a row - which began with her crying and ends with me crying.
So now she's finally asleep, and I'm pissed, staying up all night long venting on the internet when I could actually be getting some sleep for once

It all makes me sad and angry - and I don't even know why I'm angry, she's just a little baby and she needs comfort, love, attention, etc - But Mommys need sleep!

It Hurts!
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I'm sorry to hear about your frustration. It sounds like you're having a rough go of it.

Recently I had stinging pain while nursing too. Plugged duct? Impending AF? PG? No, nope and uh-uh.

I looked on my nipple and found a little cut/scratch where the areola rises up to nipple. Maybe DS bit me? The good news is it seems to have healed and the pain is gone.

Your pain could be due to a number of things. Hopefully it goes away soon and you can get back to enjoying nursing time with your baby. Keep us posted.
Nursing should not hurt - if it does it can be a sign of something else . . . If you don't see any obvious cuts and have tried readjusting positions and it still hurts then call a lactation consultant.

Does it hurt everytime you nurse - during the day too?
it hurts when she has been nursing so much that I think there's nothing left, so she uses her teeth more. Does this make sense? It's usually only at night when she just isn't falling asleep, or when she's been nursing extra long due to teething pain, illness, etc...

What could be wrong? I didn't think things could go wrong.

We have our good nights and our bad nights. The night I wrote that was particularly frustrating for me, but most of the time she nurses for 10 minutes and passes out for the next couple hours at least.

When it's bad though, it's bad.
Have you tried alternating breasts when she goes on nursing marathons at night? My DD has nights that it seems she will nurse for hours.. and yank off, go back on, etc. all the while fighting sleep.

It seemed to really help me to alternate when she did this. I used to feel sooooo raw (even though I wasn't physically).

I hope it gets better for you soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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