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hurts when I...

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OK. It hurts when I move my bowels. Not constipated. It hurts two inches above my pelvic bone, which i think is odd because isn't that where my uterus is? I'm 16 weeks. Anyone else experience this?
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are they bloody?? were they ever bloody?? After having my babe i had some BM issues. It was agreed that i had a fissure (a small tear insde). This went on for months- I had to go crazy on the fibre and fluids in order for it to heal (Bowel Buddies were fantastic source of fibre- pricy, but worth it!!)

I also tried cortizone cream and homeopathic arnica with no luck- i needed fibre, fibre, fibre!!! I still can feel pain if i don't keep myself regular, and that was 4.5mos ago.
No, not bloody. I'm pretty regular too.
Sometimes where you feel the pain isn't where it is coming from. Nerve endings can be all crazy, especially when pregnant. I'd mention it to your healthcare person.
I hope you feel better, too.
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