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My dh doesn't know. We have separate bank accounts. The news would shock him.

I have failed at all my diaper-buying goals. These include:
- Only check the TP when there is actually something I'm looking for; not just because I'm bored.
- Don't order any dipes until the ones I'm waiting on have already arrived.
- Don't buy more than one diaper a week.

Any unexpected money I get has immediately gone to diapers. Like if I order something from Amazon and then it turns out to be out of stock so I get a $20 refund on my credit card, I go right over to the TP or Naturalbabies and buy something.

I'm also glad I'm the one who gets the mail because I get a diaper or two every week at least.

And dh doesn't even like cloth! If he's the one who gets to the changing table first, he uses sposies.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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