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Husbands Say the Funniest Things

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My poor DH doesn't understand why a person can't just go buy hyena stuff. Even though I've explained it again and again, it baffles him when I complain about not being able to buy something that we have the money for.

So the other day after I didn't get anything at the Luxe stocking he says to me "why don't I try from work sometime, I have a faster connection there."
Plus he's got the good video game reflexes, so I'm all for it. I thought he could try for the diaper Luxe is stocking today, so I was telling him where to go and what to do and he asks...

"Then what do I do if I get the diaper?"
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: That's pretty much the sentiment here
Dh loves to stalk for me....but he asks "What do I get if I get the diaper"
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LOL, at least he has offered to help. My dh just laughs and shakes his head!
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