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Hybrid fruit & blackberry recipes

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I didn't want to make 2 seperate posts- but I have two questions.

1: I bought a ton of blackberries at the farmers market. I want to make something yummy- any suggestions?

2: At the farmers market a woman was selling a hybrid fruit of blackberries and raspberries. They were very tasty, but I don't know anything about hybrid fruits. Is it like genetically changing a fruit? Is it healthy? Are "hybrids" considered GM foods? I didn't want to buy any until I knew- but they were SOOO good
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Blackberry cobbler is our family's favorite. Here's my grandma's recipe. It's super easy, and soooo yummy!

1/2 -1 cube butter (whole cube makes it crispier)
1/2 cup sugar (I use half of that, at most)
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
pinch of salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 cup milk

Mix the flour, sugar, flour, salt, and baking powder. Cut in the butter. Add the milk. Pour the batter into a greased 9"x9" baking pan. Sprinkle 2 cups (I usually use about 3 cups, and even Grandma's changed to that) blackberries, then sprinkle 1 cup sugar (again, I use half of that, at most) evenly over the berries. Pour 1 cup cold water over everything. Bake at 375 for 45-50 minutes. I know it sounds strange, but the batter rises to the top and makes a wonderfully crisp topping, and water makes the berries nice and juicy. I hope you try it.

And in terms of hybrid berries, they're perfectly safe (so long as you're not allergic to one of the berries they've hybridized). It's not like GE at all. Hybridizing is what they've been doing for centuries to come up with all the varieties of fruits and veggies we eat today. I can't remember the science of it exactly, and it varies. I think that it can involve cross-pollinating or grafting. There are probably other methods, too. Genetic Engineering is done in a laboratory with test tubes, and it's doing something that's not at all natural. Often they use genes from an animal in a plant.

So, go buy those delicious berries, and enjoy them!

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YAY! Thanks for explaining that. I figured most people knew- but I had no idea

What is cube butter? just butter cut in cubes or a specific type of butter? All I have here is regular organic butter- will it work? I'll definately make it tonight if I can use regular butter

ETA_ I feel so stupid now- I'm assuming you mean a quarter of butter. GOT IT> I'll go make it now and I'll let you know how it comes out. ROFL
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ok, it is in the oven
We don't buys cows milk so I used soy milk. I've never had a problem replacing it in recipes so I hope it doesn't affect this one.
I'll let you know tonight how it came out. DH loves blackberry cobbler so he'll be delighted.

I'm gonna shrink back now and hope not to many people notices what a ding bat I can be
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Sorry about my shorthand. I meant a cube of butter. So yes, a quarter lb. of butter. And sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was putting ds down for his nap. And the soy milk will be fine. That's what my grandma uses, actually. And I've used rice milk with no problem, too.

Hey it was GREAT! DH loved it to, and he's pickier than me when it comes to sweets. Thanks so much!
I'm so glad you guys liked it!! It's one of our family favorites.

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