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Hydrocele in 16 month old

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Our pediatrician thinks Q has a">hydrocele</a> and/or inguinal hernia. He has referred us to a surgeon to be checked out and perhaps to get an ultrasound. I really would rather my 16-month-old baby not go through surgery, but if it's critical, we'll do what we have to do. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on this? I'm googling my brains out, but first-hand advice/knowledge is always helpful. (fyi, as far as we know, he did not have this problem from birth as is common)

x-posted anywhere I think it might be helpful.
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x-post in circ I hope.

Anyway, I have two grandsons with hydroceles/hernia. It is not critical.

The older one was repaired surgically at age 3. We waited till then because we didn't want him to have the surgery too young. At the time we thought it had to be done by then. Now I know that some people never get their child's hydrocele repaired.

Anyway that grandson is 8 yrs. now.

We never noticed it when he was a baby but when he was about 1 yr. old and played nude in the sand box and when he was squatting we could see that one side of his scrotum was much bigger than the other side. So we took him to a surgeon and he recommended to wait until the child is at least 3, which is what we did.

I guess the danger is that the intestine could slip through and THEN IT MUST BE DONE WITHIN A FEW HOURS. But you would know that because it is very painful. (The surgeon told us he had never seen such a case.)

My second grandson who is now 2 mo. old has a hydrocele also. Again we did not notice it at birth but saw it when he was about 1 week old. His one testicle looked and felt about 10 times as large as the other. I really think it just developed because surely we would have noticed it. That side of the scrotum was also a little blue discolored and it worried us. But I guess that is a part of it, sometimes.

We are just going to watch him. Hopefully it will resolve (close up) by the time he is 3y. For sure we will not do anything about it before that.

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Recently I asked a pediatrician who mentioned that they do not fix hydrocele's at a young age anymore. He examined my almost 5 year old and since his is relatively small (~3X) and shows no bulging in the area to the side of his genitals he was not concerned. The big concern is the intestines getting pinched off in a hernia!

Now, I would like to gather a bunch of current thinking on this.

Seems like the information on the link Gitti provided could be updated.
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