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Hyena Cart Oversell?

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I know that hyena cart doesn't oversell, but I have yet to get my email and I have one from pp, plus several moms seem to have purchased the medium blue cashmere cover that I paid for. Am I crazy? When I go to HC and click on the cover I won it's SAYS I won the cover. Am I safe? Did I really get a KP?
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I supposedly got one & paid for it, but no email here either.
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I'm missing an invoice as well.

It's in my order history, too.
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The order history is very official. If it's there, then you got it. The e-mails are flaky. The server tends to forget them or delay them if the traffic is very heavy.
I'm not familiar w/ how the HC notification system works, but I do know that HC can, in fact, oversell. When Kira of Little Fishy put up 5 custom slots, HC oversold them, I think selling 7.
Well I think that Kiwi Pie needs to do another stocking because that was crazyness. I was doing great til those errors kept popping up. I even got the bin and everything, then it said that had just sold! That was after I had to relog in 3 times...GRRRRR
Yes, it can oversell multiply listed items (i.e., items listed with a quantity greater than 1), but I don't think it's oversold a singly listed item since I re-coded a few months ago.

ETA ~ I'd love to know if it has oversold though. Can't fix it unless I know it's broken
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Ah, so that's the difference. Good to know--not that I ever score anything I want. :LOL Thanks, Karen!
Whew! It's in my order history so it's official, I got a KP!
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