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My ds is using the potty part time. I have some great stuff we're not using. All prices include shipping. Thanks for looking.

Well-loved star pattern SOS- good used condition- a few small holes in the PPR print fabric- still usable. $6 ppd ****sold***

Firefly Sleeptight EC- Large, snaps. Spent most of its time in the drawer- I used my 4 other ones mostly $22 ppd******sold***

FUzbomb- large blue older well-used Fuzbomb. I bought this second hand. There is fading around the legs but color is nice elsewhere. It is a highly functional nice sturdy thick wool Fuzbomb with working snaps. Be aware it does have the fading inside and some outside around the legs!! $20 ppd ***sold****

Beautiful batik SOS LIKE NEW washed not worn EC- I just loved looking at this and never used it $21 ppd. Spent its time in the drawer.

Very cute airplane print Liz's Cloth size 2. Gently used, $10 ppd

FMBG NEW washed not worn large turtles print (blue is the background) PUL cover $10 ppd

PayPal please, credit cards OK.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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