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Coming out of lurkdom..........

Does anyone know if the Hyland's Nerve Tablets really work and do they have side affects or cause allergic reactions? I have noticed that PMS really brings on my anxiety and I am really wanting to stay away from prescription meds.
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I've never tried them. The Hylands tablets we've used are just homeopathics and lactose. Unless you're very lactose sensitive, I can't imagine it would cause an allergic reaction. I haven't heard of anyone being allergic to the homeopathic itself. The great thing about homeopathics is that there aren't negative side effects. Worse case scenario is that it's not effective for you.
Thanks, Stacey. Maybe, I'll give them a try!
Dear ITZ
best to pick up some Bach flower "Rescue remedy drops" for acute anxiety.
Works verry quickly,a few drops under the tongue.

Hylands is safe but the only way it works of you give the correct remedy. Anxiety under the Materia Medica and Repertory has listed over 200 homeopathic remedies as possible matches.
This can only be found via a proper casetaking.
Anxiety stems from various sources not all anxiety is the same. Yes in allopathic meds the newest and latest anxiety pill works for everyone. But not in homeopathy. Thats why i suggested Bach flower...................easier!

My suggestion is meant only for short term acute help NOT FOR CHRONIC ANXIETY imbalances.

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part two;
Magnesium supplm. daily around your menses works great for calming effect mentally and calming of muscles..............................

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