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Worked great and smelled awesome!

review by lionessmom

i used this on 3 kids with varying levels of infestation. we have been having a tough time in my community with them. we have a pesticide resistant kind going around. my step-daughter (lives with us) had her half sister over and she gave them to us. we tried everything else for months. permetherin cream, olive oil soaks, just picking out, etc. nothing got rid of them. we would find new bugs the next day. i was washing sheets and pilows everyday. everything i could think of. i even bought the permetherin spray for the mattresses. i was out of my mind trying to get rid of them. so then i bought this stuff. frist i treated my 2 daughters. i lathered up their hair and popped on the shower cap. i squeezed the air out of it and tied a bandana around it to keep it on. that was 3 hours before bed time. my kids are 4 and 7, and i know you arent supposed to leave the cap on, i did. it wasnt the first time they had a shower cap on overnight. in the morning i rinsed it out and then used the comb that came with it while it was wet. i was so surprised to see little tiny baby bugs comb out. i had never beenable to find them before and here they were sliding right out. even the eggs just slid right off. i rinsed them right down the drain. so now i was stoked! i invited my dsd's sister over again for the weekend and treated her too. voila! no more lice!! this kid was infested with eggs. and in the morning they all just slid right off her hair. when i sent her back to her parents she had 0 bugs and 0 eggs. i use the prevention spray that came with the treatment every day before school or when we go to church. my neighbors kids got lice again the 2nd day of school, but my kids continue to be lice free. and if they get it again, i will buy this stuff again. it is the only thing that worked completely the first time. I am highly impressed and have been telling all my friends about it. i even went out and bought a full sized bottle of preventative spray. the treatment smelled like lemon sugar cookies. the spray doesnt smell as good but the smell dissipates quickly. my kids dont like the smell of the spray too much but insist i use it on them every day before going somewhere. they hated having lice and are the only one in their grade that doesnt have it right now.

smells good, non toxic, conditioning, and easy to use.had to leave in overnight, can be messy.


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Hyland's Quit NIts

The Quit Nits treatment is an effective, natural formula. Its special formulation kills bugs and eggs by exposing them to plant-based, homeopathic ingredients. Quit Nits was created by mother-of-three, Leanne *******, whose non-toxic formula has revolutionized the treatment of head lice from Australia to Europe, and is now available throughout the U.S.

The Quit Nits treatment involves just two simple steps: (1) apply the treatment cream to dry hair, and leave it on, covered with the included cap for four hours, and (2) wash the treatment cream out. No further combing is required to remove live lice, although a comb is included in the kit to help remove dead lice and nits.

The chemical pesticide free formula is also safe for the environment since it will not pollute waterways when it is washed down the drain. Quit Nits products are better for children, better for you and better for the environment....and they work!


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