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HypnoBirthing class mates are birthing early!

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Out of our class of 5 couples, 3 have had thier babies early! Is this normal for HypnoBirthing??? Are we visualizing our cervix opening too early? Getting too relaxed??? Or is it just a fluke (I'm sure it's a fluke, but now I'm wondering...)

I did Bradley the first time around and I really enjoyed learning EVERYTHING that there was to learn about birthing...hypno is all about relaxing and staying in control..I felt that was the missing ingredient to Bradley...wish there was a childbirth class that had the two of them combined some how...

I'm 33 weeks and not worried, just hoping to go full term!!
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hmmmm - that's interesting! I am also hypnobirthing and have not heard of this - it kind of makes sense though! My baby has already dropped and I am feeling like the time is near - I am 36 weeks Monday.
we just finished hypnobirthing and no sign of going soon here! I am 36 weeks, but I haven't dropped or anthing! I do feel like it's a great method, and I have a lot of practicing to do!
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