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OK so I'm totally programmed to prepare large quantities when making meals and well I don't need to and now we're wasting food! I never realized that my meal plan would be so affected with H gone. I guess H ate more than I realized between what he ate at home and what he took to work.
I have a few things working against me:
1) I can't make large batches & freeze since I have a tiny fridge/ freezer unit (I swear the thing is apartment size even though I'm renting a house!) & I haven't yet purchased a separate freezer (not in budget right now).
2) Most of my recipes seem to be for large batches.
3) I'm still buying groceries as I did for years which is SUPER wasteful!!! I just can't seem to get the lower quantities right.
4) I have lost all motivation and creativity in the kitchen since the separation.


***I have also posted this in the Singles Forum but I thought it would be good here too! TIA!
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