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I also heard the heartbeat!

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I know a lot of us have heard the heartbeat or seen our little ones on the screen. I haven't had the opportunity, as I've only seen my care provider once and won't see anyone again until I'm 19 weeks. So, I rented a doppler and had the pleasure of hearing my baby's beautiful little 'whoosh whoosh' sound about an hour ago. Beautiful!

I just needed to hear it once. It makes it real to me in many ways. This was an unexpected pregnancy and the whole thing has had an unreal feel from the start. Sort of a 'Wow, I can't believe this really happening!' kind of thing. We had just decided we were done having kids before finding out we had #3 on the way. We're thrilled, but it was quite a shock! I also had a miscarriage prior to our second son and like that little bit of reassurance.

So, there is a baby with a sweet little heartbeat growing inside of me. I just had to share!
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AWWWEEE! I knwo how you feel. We are renting one also cause we dont' go back until 15 weeks and it was too early to hear at my first visit. I can't wait to hear ours. I'm nervous that it might not be there
But everythgin else is good so I really shouldn't worry :
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