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I am a VERY proud mama right now!!!

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I just have to boast for a moment about my 14 year old...

She just had her 8th grade promotion ceremony. I am so proud of her that I barely have words. She is my oldest child. I had her when I was pretty young and naive about parenting and knew that she was amazing the minute I knew she was growing inside me. She has been such an incredible addition to my life that I cant even explain. Dont get me wrong..I
all of my babies equally but tonight was HER night.

She was recognised for FIVE..yes FIVE awards tonight! She was the "Lord of the Rings" of the ceremony
and all of of the awards were for academic acheivement and peer leadreship. So not only did the teachers recognise her academic abilities but her fellow students did as well. She even won the highest honor which is a Presidential Acheivement award. She was also on the honor roll EVERY single quarter of middle school!

Oh and she also sang and sounded amazing!

I must admit it felt pretty good to have all the parents and teachers come up to me saying how proud I must be....some even said "good job" to me. As if I had anything to do with it. No way..she gets all the credit for being a self starter and an all around amazing girl....

Can ya tell I'm a little proud?'

Thanks for letting me brag
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Congrats!! What a great way to end the school year - for you both.
I have a daughter the same age...

I am sure that your parenting had something to do with it...don't sell yourself short...seeing what a wonderful child you had and parenting her in the best way for her is what made her shine...

Some wouldn't have bothered... brought a tear to my eye reading your post!
Of course you're proud, and you have every right to be! You're doing a fantastic job of raising her, and it shows by you giving her the credit for her accomplishments. Way to go!!
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This is the sweetest post I've read in a long time. You made me cry.

You have every right to be proud of your daughter but don't forget to give yourself credit too. She is what you helped her become
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Good for you!

That is just awesome. You and your dd should go out for diner, just the two of you.....

Congrats on that great kid!
Congrats to yur daughter. The older mine get the more amazed I am by them also. They sure grow into such brilliant individuals.
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