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i am actually coveting something

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omg i want it so bad i can feel it in my stomache, it's a wool cover but i just can't justify $25.00. it could make me cry. i have never wanted a diaper cover so badly.

i want this

should i doit, how could i do it? oh this sucks i wish i had never seen it i am going to dream of it now.


ok and here is some cool stuff, but it doesn't make me feel so desperate.


other side. i don't even use wool but it's just so cool

hippie child

it can't be bad with plaid
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oooooh! that's ADORABLE!!! can you spring for it?
that is one HOT wool cover!!! but i'm no help in getting you not to buy something
i'd say snatch it up while it's still there!!!

(um, this from the person who seriously considered hiding the bank statement from last month so that dh wouldn't see the paypal transactions that might have contributed to slightly low -- um, nonextistant -- funds at the end of the month
: )

you'd get *tons* of use from it -- especially since it's a wool cover!!!!!
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maybe if i let dh buy some tool he has been coveting, he's always coveting tools so that should work. hmmm. i have never paid that much money for any diaper anything. there are only four and that fabric can not be found anywhere else. there are four and that's it/ so it's a limited edition. maybe if i tell dh that. he's a sucker for collectable's. hmmm. oh gosh. there is so much to get right now. medium covers for the babe (that don't cost that much) extra large covers for the girl, books for easter baskets, my mei tai, and fising the stupid cars (about $2000 to fix both) not to mention central heat and air, oh and i am secretly saving money to buy dh a grill for his birthday.

i want it so bad!!

Can you sell some stuff on the TP real quick to get enough paypal for it? That's what I always do. LOL DIg up some jeans or something. LOL I just sold 3 pairs of jeans so I could buy more stuff. LOL
heh... yeah... I always find something to sell when I needs some quick funds.

But darnit.. I'm almost out of fuzzi bunz now!! (they were always my surefire way to get $10 quick!)
hmm good idea, i did just put 5 garbage bags of stuff in the van to take to goodwill. i've never sold anything before i always just give it away, even in the mail. how do i determine how much the shipping will be if i don't know where it is going?

LOL.....I have my smalls I was planning on getting rid of but a mainstream friend wants them so I told her I would give them to her (yk, anything to encourage CD'ing!) LOL I am hoping it's a boy so that I can still sell off my pink and lavender ones. How bad am I? LOL She finds out in a week. LOL
For shipping, I just estimate....over estimate though cause I always end up underestimating! LOL Jeans are like 6 something to ship......anything 1 pound or under is 4.55 ish for priority. A dipe is usually like $2 for shipping (first class.)
What did we used to spend our money on before we were mommies?
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i don' thitnk i had money.

and what little i did have knick knacks and vacation.
I think you should get it! It is so special and beautiful. You must be able to find something to sell to justify it - newborn diapers? outgrown onesies? The ugly towels your mother in law gave you (reaching for something here!)?

I used to buy books all the time but certainly dont' have time to read books now. Magazines maybe. (Online doesn't seem to suffer though for some reason).
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