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I am an idiot

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I sold all Alek's toddler prefolds thinking I did not need them and now he wakes up every morning soaked! Argh, I should of kept some for his fuzzibunz but
! I traded for some but gosh by the time Canada customs lets them pass through the border I will have pulled all my hair out from frustration of dirty sheets. Anyone else ever sell more then they should? Or am I the only one who is
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OH, you're not the only one Mama. When Harrison started to potty-learn I sold off a lot of his Fuzzi Bunz and FLAGs - not realizing that maybe Isabella would be able to use them. Yep - I'm an idjit!
I have heard that happening often. So I don't sell for 6-9 months after they are PT.. Just in case!
Well stupid me, I sold all my fitteds, saying I am only doing FB's. Well then I wanted to try Wool. SO I have to go and rebuy fitteds!!!! Yep I am an idiot right along with you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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