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Sorry! I have been missing in action and haven't told anybody. A lot has happen this summer. It all started the beginning of July when my husband went in for a stress test because he was taking up diving. When they did the stress test they discover some blockage. We really didn't think it would be bad. We are only 38 and 36 and that is young. Husband is fairly active and stays active so the thought of what would happen next never enter my mind.

Middle of July he was admitted to the hospital for a heart cath. We knew there was a chance of heart stents but didn't think it would happen since it was only slight blockage. Well we thought. They got in and found one artery was 40% block which they left alone. Another one was 90% block and they put a stent in it. The other artery was badly damage and the doctors suspected he had a heart attack about three years ago. We never knew it. We thought that he was trying to do too much and had pull some muscle near his chest and had caught something (virus) Never even came across our minds that he had had a heart attack until the heart cath. His heart has been 35% damage but they are hoping the meds will correct it and help. He is on meds galore.

I will say after the inital scare he is doing okay. Actually he is deep sea fishing right now and had taken up scuba diving again. I was scared the first time he went back into the water though.

And me...I am unemployed again. I thought I had my old job back but she decided to come back so I lost the job. I have been interviewing left and right but no hires. I am going to sub this year and try to get my foot into the door so maybe I will have a permanent job.

On the side I am cleaning condos during the peak season so that does help bring in some money. I did manage to get the girls stuff for school and that was a big relief. It is all paid for and my mom said she would help us out until I get calls to sub which will probably be two weeks into the school year.

Well I better go. I got a condo to clean today. I promise not to stay away again like I did before.
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