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I was at an indoor soft play area yesterday with my friend. My 5yo comes to me and tells me that another child is throwing the falls from the ball pool at him. so i went to intervene. My ds carried on play ing on what he wants to play on and i went to talk to the child who was doing the throwing.

i explained to him that even though the balls were very light that when they were thrown at another person it was actually did hurt. I then acknowledged that throwing the balls was fun and suggested that he come out of the little house part of the play area that he was in and throw the balls in there instead. He then came out and started throwing the balls in there. I noticed another little boy started to help him. He and his friend played throwing the balls into the little playhouse for ages. In the end he cleared up all the balls into the little house thing. When it was time to leave he gave me a big smile and shouted 'bye'.

I felt so proud, i could have easily seen the other child as being unpleasant, but i managed to guide him into a more positive activity.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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