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Its only been about a week on my vitamin/mineral/eating regimen and I'm feeling sooooo much better, at least 95%! At this point in my cycle I should be a raging witch who just wants everyone to go away including dd
I feel fine and I'm actually enjoying her! I've only actually enjoyed her a handful of times since she was born and its nice to not be so frustrated with her! I came home from work yesterday about 6pm and actually cleaned until about 9pm, I got 2 loads of dishes washed, 3 loads of laundry washed, folded and put away (this is a biggie! I haven't seen my couch in months because of piled clean laundry), moped the floor, changed the bed sheets (normally a task to be dreaded) actually cooked dinner quickly! (normally takes 1.5 hours and I did it in about 30 min) I know I did a few other things but I cant think of them right now. I cant believe I did all that! oh yeah, I can actually see my living room floor too after a week of playing because I've actually been keeping it picked up everyday. I feel great! I feel like I have a ton of energy, not the run a mile take on the world type but that I can take on life and I can do it! type
Now if only my body felt the same energy my brain is feeling, it takes a lot longer to wake up in the morning
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