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I am heading down to Long Island and NYC next week...

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Anyone want to have a playdate? I will be in Freeport.

Also, I need to know where some great yarn stores are in the area. I would be willing to go most anywhere (2 weeks ago I drove 4 hours for a yarn store in Lake Placid
and I love specialty shops.

Another, where are some great places to take the kiddos? Museums, parks, etc??

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I cannot make a play date next week, but wanted to let you know about my favorite yarn shop on the UWS ( I used to travel for work and knitting was my favorite way to kill time on long flights.

I live in NJ so haven't really explored the NYC parks. Here's a link that might help and maybe others can give actual recommendations (

The children's museum is fun.

Chelsea Piers has great activities for children of all ages ( You can search by age.

Enjoy your trip!
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