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I am in tears....the good kind

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I am sitting here at my computer (obvioulsy) with the window open as I listen to my DD who will be 4 at the end of October. She is outside with the neighbors nieces and nephew coloring with sidewalk chalk. she was also playing ponies with them earlier. I can hear her, "May I have turn?" "May I try the chalk?" Hey what's going on ? mine wont color!"
Now you may wonder why am I in tears? Well B/c just a few months earlier my DD couldn't even be outside without me for the one second it might take for me grab the keys off the hanger...or a quick forgotten item. the thought of me going anywhere without her was horific and she would shake and cry...frighteningly so. I was so worried that I over attached her but I was holding on the the idea of...give them time and when they're ready they wll accomplish things. and it's true. I am inside she isn't looing for me. she is playing nicely. Even using such manners. Oh my she is a cutie out there and I am beaming with pride for her.
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