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i am jealous of

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.... Not in a mean way but i crumble in the face of people with supieor genetics who have

-Skinny except for baby bellies during pregnancy
-fast labors (i consider this less than 12 hours)

i wouldn't mind 12 hours, in fact only two days would be nice this time...

Anyone else feeling a litttle hormonal about the unfairness of it all.
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yes! I've had mild/moderate HG, wicked, unrelenting tailbone pain, and shingles. I'm very jealous of women who can go through pregnancy eating well (for a long while I couldn't really eat or drink much at all), going out shopping, working, taking care of the house, etc. For almost 5 months I couldn't do any of this on any level, and am still having to take oral meds to control it. And that's just the HG!

I feel really cheated of the pregnancy experience so far, and still cry out of frustration sometimes when I feel like my body maybe just wasn't made for this. DH tries to reassure me and chalk it all up to bad luck, but after so much going wrong, it just makes me wonder :/

I know I'm probably just whining, and everyone experinces their own pain...whatever is going on with everyone I hope we all can experience at least a little of the pregnancy we dreamed of having!
yep esp skinnies.... ugggh
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I am jealous of anyone who doesn't have to deal with varicose veins or vulvar varicosities...they are extremely painful and I HATE THEM!!!

And jldumm...I just want to encourage you that usually the 2nd labor is much faster than the first. Mine was cut more than in half and I have a friend who has 4 kids and each labor time was cut in half for the next.
Be careful what you wish for jldumm- My first birth was 32 hours and my second less than 2!

It can be hard sometimes when the expectation is that you are enjoying yourself and glowing with the beauty of pregnancy (either your own expectations or others) and reality seems very far removed from that. I'm feeling in a really good spot now, but I have been there.
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