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I am looking for someone who wants to trade- I have SOS'

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I have 10 Hemp SOS' In VEC- might be showing a little minor wash wear- I have rainbow serging and Magenta/Black/Blue/Purple/Teal serging. I was asking $12 each for them-

But wouldn't mind trading them for any of the following things:

(most of these are for Xmas gifts- so in giftable condition please- unless stated)


Little Rascals movies or DVDs- Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

The 3 Stooges Movies or DVDs-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

Jack Van Impe videos/books-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

Pat Robertson videos/Books-Certain titles- please ask to make sure.....

VeggieTales DVDs- We only have "The Ballad of Little Joe" and Ultimate Silly Songs and Jonah's Sing Along- Would LOVE Rack, Shack and Benny or Madame Blueberry
Elmo's World DVDs- We already have: Flowers, Bananas and more, Head to Toe with Elmo, Babies Dogs and More, Birthdays, Games and more, Singing, drawing and more, and Elmo's world(dancing, music and books)

Anything for him to climb on (saftely) He has a slide- would love one of those little tykes play things in the shape of a cube that kids can crawl on and slide down- like this:

Foam playmats- the ones that snap together so you can add sets and make them as big as you want- MUST be approx. 1' x 1' and approx 1'2" thick- any print/color is fine.
Something like this:
Or Really like this:

Fisher Price Little People play mat

Tree Blocks

Any and All HeMan figurines or accessories(the old ones)

Anything Little People- new, old, pieces, complete sets- ESPECIALLY the old ones & the new animals
~We have the New LP Farm and the LP Zoo already.....Anything else would be GREAT! He just ABSOLUTELY ADORES the old stuff tho!


Winter Clothes(Boys)
Size 12-18 months L/S shirts from GAP or OLD navy- CUTE ones!(no snap crotch)- Like blues, greens and oranges(as long as it is a boyish orange- kwim?)
Size 18-24months or 2T GAP or OLD NAVY- need pants, l/s shirts, overalls, onepiece l/s l/l rompers- REALLY like these!would love some more of them!(would even take the onepieces in 3T too for next year)
~~Overalls in 2T, 3T (Gap or Navy)( would REALLY love the blue cord (really thin wales almost unnoticeable)type ones that are SO soft!!!!( will take 18-24mo in the blue cord ones too)
Gap or Old Navy winter jacket in size 18-24 months- Blues/greens(BOY)

Summer Clothes(Boys)
Size 2T or 3T- GAP or OLD NAVY- need shorts, t-shirts, tanktops, shortalls, onepiece s/s s/l rompers, Pajammas(shorts/shortsleeve shirts- P.J.s can be the 2 piece sets from Carters- the ones w/ snaps around the waist)

flexible winter boots from one step ahead- Navy- size 4-5Toddler(BADLY NEEDED!!!)

Gap Fleece Sweatshirt size L (adult) in Gray, blue or green, Burgundy(need 2 of these-will take 1 tho)


Sheer Curtains in Solid Blues, Purples, Greens(think colors of the Carribbean water)-Pics

Fabric- Cute Either solid Color or something to go in carribbean theme bedroom-Pics

Fabric to recover a rocking chair cushion- same colors as above-Pics

Rugs- Deep Plush CUTE ones- in same color scheme as above-Pics

Diapers(staining on inner okay- as long as no rips or tears and Elastic is okay)
~~Lukes Drawers Candy Wrapper AIOs(not cotton kisses aios) in Large or Toddler/Xlarge~(will take ANY print- even girly)~
I WANT this diaper- it is gorgeous!
~~Large Bummis Pull on Pants (prints only) Would love suns and moons, or blue stars or other boyish prints(only need 1- already have orange w/ frogs and yellow w/ boats)
~~Training Pants in size 2-3T would like AIOs Boyish Prints
~~Sugarpeas Size 1 Prints (ONLY size 1's as the size 2's don't fit AT ALL!- will take ANY print- even girly-prefer the microtopped doubler)
~~Lukes Drawers Contours- need up to 5ish(L or XL-REALLY need the XL size)
LTK Soaker OR SIMILAR- in Large or Toddler- TO FIT 25#S PLUS OVER A XL LUKES DRAWERS DIAPER- Blues, greens, or oranges(if orange is mixed w/ blue)
~~Bummis Ditty Tote bag in Small, MEDIUM, or Xlarge- Blue or Purple pls!)
~~Small waterproof bag for dirty wipes- zipper- doesn't matter(smaller than the bummis small tote)
~~Small waterproof bag for mama pads(big enough to hold like 4-6)

Mama Cloth- would love to get some Kristen's Cloth, some more Snap and gos- Like the medium-large length ones- need some more AIOs.

Bath and body works New lotion or soap in Vanilla Scents

WAHM Soap( We Like Danica's{The Soap Deck} in Orchid or Heather- or other flowery scents & Like pretty much ANYTHING from Tami's- ESPECIALLY like:
Winter's Kiss
Vanilla Sandalwood
AppleJack Peel
Pleasing Plum Spice

WAHM soap in MANLY scents- Like Woodstock...etc....

Gardening/pond things- Statues, ornamental things etc...Need to see pics/descriptions

Belly Ring Either CUTE barbells or those dangly ones- size 14 guage or is it 16?

Cool Seashells(med- Large sized)


Sand Dollars

Buggy Board (the scooter thing that attaches to strollers 4 older kids to stand on)

Infant/Child helmet- for a 4 Wheeler/Snowmobile- the smallest size they make

Storage bags for a car seat(both infant and one to fit a Brittax marathon)

(2) Storage bags for a stroller

Medium- Large Rubbermaid totes or similar(these can be used as the package then wrap them in brown paper to mail)

GiftCards to any of the following:
Ruby Tuesday
Old Navy
Home Depot

Editing to change the price to $12 as a super kind mama told me I was giving them away for $10- (thanks mama!) I am sorry- but we really need the $$$$$ right now.
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I tried to PM you but your box is full

Did you decide you want to trade ONLY? Because if not, I'd like to buy 2 of the rainbow serging ones from you. One question though... what does VEC mean? Very Excellent Condition?

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Post Deleted
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Originally posted by jackson's mama
I tried to PM you but your box is full

Did you decide you want to trade ONLY? Because if not, I'd like to buy 2 of the rainbow serging ones from you. One question though... what does VEC mean? Very Excellent Condition?

yes very excellent condition

yes I would sell them as well- email me at:
[email protected]
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Heres Your PM:

What size are these, and what have you got that would work for a girl? Or that is GN?

"I have 10 Hemp SOS' In VEC- might be showing a little minor wash wear- I have rainbow serging and Magenta/Black serging. I was asking $10 each for them-"

And (since I have still not tried an SOS) are there any pics available?
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