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I am mama nancy and I laugh at my son when he laughs at the world open mouthed and loud. His eyes smile wide and his little teeth poke out of his mouth like mushrooms. The fun we have.

I am mama nancy and sometimes I forget what it is like to talk with other adults about politics or music or spirituality or the human race so I just talk to seren about it. He looks at me like he understands and maybe he disagrees but I don't quite understand his gibberish yet.

I am mama nancy and I feel like I am a snail climbing out of a shell. Today I danced around the living room to Annie Lennox like I was a seahorse and it was beautiful. I wish someone had been there to see me.

I am mama nancy and I made a promise to myself that being a mama would never be an excuse not to do something I wanted to do...instead it would be the very reason to live out my dreams.

I am mama nancy...and I am happy that I found this place. I mourned the loss of mamatron for quite a while.

enjoy the day!
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