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I am really scared!!!

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Ok, I started losing my teeth when I was 12, literally they started breaking and rotting, my wisdom teeth grew in rotted while I was pregnant for my first son at 17, that was 12 years ago. Now what is left of my teeth is abcesses, and rotted roots sticking out of my gums(sorry if tmi) I have decided to finally let them knock me out and scrape them out of my jaw and put in dentures. I am scared of the drugs they will have to use, which honestly is the reason I have let them go for so so so long. On top of that my 6 yo ds is getting cavities in like 4-5 of his teeth, and starting the same way mine did just so much younger, breaking off, crumbling, abcess, etc. My father lossed his teeth by the time he was 20, so I am guessing it really is a hereditary thing, BUT, I did NOT want my kids to have to hurt as bad as I always have or have to go thru any of this!!!!!! So, now I am scared for my little boy who has an appt to see dentist( had a 6 month waiting list!!!!!!!) on the 6th of April, and I am waiting for insurance to "approve" my xrays to do what they have to do to me....... I am nursing, am also a very very busy sahm, I will not have the time to "heal" or take a few days let alone a few hours to feel better, I cannot take the drugs they will give me for pain afterwards, and I will hae to pump and give my little one a bottle for few days because of whatever they will se to do the surgery. Yep, scared out of my mind, call me a big sissy chicken,lol. Anyhow, anyone ever deal with their kids having this prob? Or anyone deal with not being able to take the meds and stuff after a seriouss major full extraction? How do you deal? I am going to stock up on clove oil, but it is the jaw pain from scraping I am trying to figure out how to deal with, and still act like a normal mommy,,lol. Sorry this got so long!!!And please excuse the spelling, nak, and he is just a wiggling!!!
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Hi sweetie! Big hugs, you are going to be FINE! I just had it all done. My teeth are yours. Rotting,etc since childhood. I have just had the last of mine *scraped* out as you say 2 weeks ago and used nothing but motrin for the pain every 4 hours for 3 days and i am fine now. However, I did mine in 2 appointments so I could heal. I am a busy sahm with no help from dh who works nights. I also did mine all awake with just about 9 novocaine shots lol and really, its not that bad! You will make it! You will! If your dentist could do one half of your mouth one day..and then the other half about 3 weeks later, that would help you heal faster. Plus a few days before you go, gargle with salt water 3x a day and of course after, you will heal fast fast fast. I am healed now and getting my teeth next week! I cant wait to smile again and just think of that how good you will feel. Please pm me if you need hugs or support!
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