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I am so happy!!!!

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Dh and I have been going through some pretty difficult things lately. Life changes that are really wearing on our nerves and yesterday things got nasty between us on the phone. (He travels and that's one thing we are trying to change.) He was pretty mean and hurtful in some of his comments and started shutting down.

This morning, he called me to apologize, a lot.
This is a big deal. He has really made major progress in that area. He used to NEVER EVER admit he was wrong or ever apologize. I am so happy that we have made it to this stage. I feel like now we can make it through anything, even nasty fights, if both of us can admit when we are wrong an apologize when we need to.

I just wanted to post this to let others who have dh's or partners who always think they are right know that there is hope!!!!
It took eight years, but it did happen!
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