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I am so proud of my friend!

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In the last few weeks, I have been emailing a pregnant friend of mine about keeping her baby intact if it's a boy (or a girl, for that matter!) I was very worried that she would ultimately decide to circ because she already has one circumcised son. But she just emailed me this morning to say that after reading through the info I sent her, she and her partner made the decision to keep the baby whole!

I am so happy for that unborn child and am so glad that she was receptive to the info I gave her. Yay for my first official act of "intactivism!"
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Good for you. (and that baby)
YAY!! It feels good to know you've made a difference!
That's awesome! You need to give her major props for being able to change her ways and leave her new son whole. That's very hard for some people to do.
Yay you, and yay for the baby!

Now just make sure she knows two things: how to take care of the intact penis (i.e. NO retraction) and how to protect her son from uninformed medical personnel (i.e. NO retraction). The Fleiss articles are great for that and are available from Mothering magazine's home page.
Being an intactivist can get pretty frustrating - it's so nice to hear the success stories! Saving one baby from circ makes it all worth it!
Quirky - In my earlier emails, I covered the ease of care re: intact penises (wash it like a finger, no retraction/manipulation EVER) and also warned about how retraction-happy medical professionals can be. I hope that she abides by that advice.

Kathryn - I definitely told her how happy I was not only for her baby, but for her being so open minded about hearing me out. I know that it was hard for her to really think about the pain and damage of circumcision since she chose it for her first son. It wasn't just conjectural for her - she really had to imagine it happening to her first baby and that had to be difficult.

It feels great to know that I made a difference - due in large part to the awesome info that I found on this board. Thanks!
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